Saturday, October 25, 2008


After working on my first novel for the past thirteen months, I am happy to announce that IT IS FINISHED!!!! Yes...I managed to finish it up this week!!!

I don't know when I've been this excited!! My novel is complete!! I have a few edits of about 6-7 chapters to finish up, but the toils of writing the novel are finished!

I made the announcement to my friends & I can't believe all the outpouring of support from everyone who are cheering me on and wishing me luck with the publishing process. I even had one of my friends who is a Senior Copy Editor for a newspaper ask if I needed an editor! How cool is that??? Of course I need an editor...especially if I intend to get published!! the real work begins! I have already been doing my homework as to what the publishing process entails. I know for this phase of it all, the main thing I need to remember is...patience! I'm gonna need a lot of it I realize and I'm optimistic that maybe if I prepare to be patient then my wait to get published won't be as long as it is for some!

So...keep your fingers crossed for me and keep sending up those good thoughts! I need all the votes of support I can get.

Until next time...Dawn

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My creative juices have definitely been flowing over the past several days! I'm finally well past the writing rut I'd been in for nearly three weeks. Ever since having a breakthrough last weekend, the words have been coming to me faster than I can get them typed into the computer.

I'm down to my last three (four at the most) chapters. I'm so stinking close it's scary. My goal all along has been to get my book finished by the end of this year. At the rate I'm going, I very well could be finished with it by the end of the month! That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing considering I've also started working on some Christmas gifts (cross-stitch & crochet) and I really need to get busy and finish them if I hope to give as gifts in this Christmas season.
So...on to Chapter 57. There's still a lot of work ahead, but at least the work to be done does not seem as far reaching as where I was a little over a year ago when I started this book. I'll be back with another update again soon!

Until next time...Dawn

Sunday, October 5, 2008


That's right! I'm doing a happy dance as I write this!

I am happy to report that as a result Chapter 51 is now a done deal!!!'s finished! If there has been one chapter in the book that has been the chapter from Hell, this would have been it. I mean I don't really know what the problem was. I knew basically what I wanted the chapter to be about, but I got stuck on the dialogue and how it would unfold. Up until Chapter 51, every other chapter had practically written itself. I felt as though I was the mere vehicle through which the words flowed....until Chapter 51.
It occurred to me today when I was completing this chapter and moving into Chapter 52 that maybe this interruption in the whole writing process has been good and necessary. Chapter 51 is the chapter in which the stage begins to be set that will lead the reader to final part of the book to the end. And I have to admit as the writer, I am getting very excited as I write just as if I were the reader instead. There's still about 4 chapters to go before I can say IT IS DONE...but I know that now that I have overcome the stumbling block of the last three weeks that it won't be long now before I'll be entering a post to report just that!

But for now, you'll just have to hang in there a little bit longer before you'll get THAT good news! In the meantime, please keep sending those good thoughts my way so that I don't encounter anymore writing obstacles!

Until next time...Dawn